Working With The Producer During A Mix Session by IRKO

Another great look behind the scenes at how a mix engineer, artist and producer work on a project together. IRKO, Multi Platinum Award Winning Audio Engineer,
blesses us with another great tutorial. Don't forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel…

Intro to Multiband Compression (Hip Hop) by Sean Divine

In this video Sean Divine breaks down a few tips on how to use multiband compression in hip hop music! A great video indeed that offers many nuggets to aid in you mix & production process. Don't forget to visit…

Logic Pro X 10.3 NEW Binaural Pan Feature by DubSpot

All this time we ASSumed we had true panning while in Logic Pro X! After watching a few YouTube videos on it and reading further into this article by Dubspot, we were quickly schooled! LOL! Click the link below…