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Fulfilling dreams through music!


If your are serious about your talent. Hitmen will push you to your full potential. Every product that comes out of their studio is a headshot to the music industry.
Hitmen genuinely focuses on making hits and helping your grow as an artist.
All of Hitmen’s records will help you tell your story. 



Music & Vocal Production at it’s finest. Firetracks goes the extra mile to take your track to it’s full potential. Make your next hit with Hitmen Entertainment! 



Working with Firetracks has been one of the smartest decisions I’ve made for my musical career. His imagination for musical production and his musical skills are second to none. He is always willing to share information about the music industry. He also continues to push his artist till he gets the best out of you. Firetracks his a very humble guy and always a pleasure to work with. 


Duke Royale’

I have worked with Firetracks on a few tracks ( mixing and mastering ) and he`s really professional . Great communication skills and amazing music productions . His recordings are also top-notch . Highly recommed working with him . 



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